Forrest Edge (Rejuvenating Massage Oil)


After a good workout or just a long day you might find yourself exhausted, sore and in need of a good massage. This blend will leave your muscles feeling refreshed and your energy replenished.


6 drops Cedarwood essential oil
4 drops Bay laurel essential oil
4 drops Spruce essential oil
2 ounces Sweet almond oil


In a PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic bottle, blend all essential oils, then add the carrier oil (Sweet almond oil). Shake well. Use as a massage oil when you’re exhausted and need a little boost. Especially useful on tired legs, neck and the lower back.


Essential Oil Properties In This Recipe

Cedarwood Essential Oil:

Aroma: Soft, balsamic, rich dry overtones, woody and “pencil-like” smell and has a faint undertone of sandalwood.

Pairs Well With: Bergamot, chamomile, clary sage, cypress, eucalyptus, jasmine, juniper, lavender, neroli, palmarosa, petitgrain, rosemary, sandalwood, vetiver, and ylang ylang

Properties: It is anti-seborrhoeic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, tonic, astringent, diuretic, emenagogue, expectorant, insecticidal, sedative, and a fungicide.

Bay Essential Oil:

Aroma: Strong, medicinal, herbaceous, sweet, fresh and spicy.

Pairs Well With: Bergamot, clary sage, cypress, frankincense, ginger, juniper, lavender, orange, patchouli, pine, rosemary and ylang ylang.

Properties: Antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic, anti-neuralgic, antispasmodic, aperitif, astringent, emmenagogue, febrifuge, insecticide, cholagogue, sedative, stomachic, sudorific and tonic.

Spruce Essential Oil:

Aroma: Medium-strength woody, earthy, and evergreen aroma with a top-middle fragrance note.

Pairs Well With: Cedarwood, cinnamon bark, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, orange, pine, and sandalwood.

Properties: Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as well as the energetic & emotional support for calming & sedating.


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