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Your Guide to Using Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is very effective for treating a variety of physical ailments. This essential oil is recognized for its strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties that are a preventative against illness. Oregano oil is appealing to aromatherapists and holistic practitioners because of its ability help keep the body healthy.

How is oregano oil made and where does it come from?

Oregano oil is made from the oregano herb plant. The scientific name for this herbal plant is known as Origanum vulgare. Translated from its Greek origins, it means “joy of the mountains.” This aromatic perennial plant is found within the Mediterranean regions of the world, including Greece and Crete.

The oregano herb plant averages about 2-3 feet in height with oval shaped green leaves. It blooms during the later summer months of July, August, and September. Despite the many species of oregano herb plants, only a select view of the varieties can be used to make the essential oil extract of oregano.

During the season of harvest, the oregano herb plant is picked and dried. The next step is to extract the essential oil from the dried parts of the plant. The process of steam distillation is then used to turn the herbal plant into the essential oil of oregano, which has a golden color and strong aromatic scent.


How is Oregano Oil Used?

There are a variety of ways that oregano oil can be used. Aromatherapy practitioners like to place the product within a diffuser so that it can be inhaled. The wonderful aromatic scent of oregano oil can also be added to a hot steaming pan of water to vaporize the essential oil. A warm bath is yet another way to enjoy oregano essential oil.

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Another creative way to use oregano oil is to mix it with water and store it in a spray bottle. You will then have a way of freshening the air with the natural scent of this essential oil. Dry evaporation is yet another way to enjoy the fragrant scent. Simply dab a little oregano oil on a cotton ball and enjoy.

Oregano oil can be mixed with unscented lotions and applied to the skin. Holistic practitioners may use the essential oil when giving their clients a soothing massage treatment. The oil has recognized healing properties which are effective for alleviating numerous ailments and common health problems.

Oregano oil has strong antibacterial properties, which makes it very effective for preventing infection. It kills bacteria and has antiviral properties. This makes the essential oil a good choice as a preventative for illnesses such as colds and the flu. It boosts and protects the immune system.

Beneficial Properties of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is recognized for its therapeutic healing properties that are effective in treating a variety of health ailments.

Treatment of Health Ailments

Properties and benefits of oregano oil when treating health ailments include:

  • Respiratory ailments

Oregano oil is quite effective for treating a variety of respiratory ailments. This essential oil is a good remedy for treating the common cold. Oregano oil can also help breathing problems such as bronchitis and it helps to clear the nasal passages.

  • Digestive aid

Oregano oil is very good for relieving occasional stomach discomforts such as indigestion. This essential oil is also effective for eliminating gas, alleviating constipation, and restoring balance within the intestinal track.   

  • Antifungal

The antifungal properties of oregano oil are effective for eliminating common ailments such as toenail fungus and ringworm. The essential oil will also alleviate athlete’s foot when applied daily to the affected area.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Those suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can get relief from the anti-inflammatory properties of oregano oil. It is effective for helping to enhance blood circulation, which can reduce joint pain.  

  • Oral health

Daily oral health care can benefit from the use of oregano oil. It is effective for treating a variety of oral hygiene ailments including gingivitis. Its antibacterial properties are also helpful in preventing infection.

  • Antiviral

Oregano oil’s antiviral properties include the ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Oregano oil targets and kills microbes that can cause illness in the body. This feature is important for helping to keep illness at bay and promoting overall good health.

  • Pain reliever

The anti-inflammatory properties of oregano oil are effective at reducing and relieving pain. As mentioned above, holistic practitioners and aromatherapists use this essential oil to treat the pain associated with conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Allergies

The combined properties of being an antibacterial, antibiotic, and anti-viral essential oil make oregano oil an effective agent for combating allergies. It is also effective for treating the accompanying nasal congestion that is common with allergies.

  • Antibiotic

Oregano oil has natural antibiotic properties that are very effective for preventing infection. This essential oil can kill numerous types of bacteria without the side effects associated with prescribed antibiotics.


Additional Health Benefits of Using Oregano Oil

Other unique health benefits and properties of oregano oil include:  

  • Antioxidant

The essential oil of oregano makes it quite effective for eliminating negative free radicals that can weaken your immune system. The antioxidant properties boost the body’s immune system and help give it a strong defense against illness.

  • Antibacterial 

The antibacterial properties of oregano oil are useful as a preventative against colds and the flu. The essential oil of oregano is strong enough to eliminate viruses within the body’s system, which can spread and make you sick.

  • Menstruation and menopausal ailments

Holistic practitioners and aromatherapists may use oregano oil to help treat ailments associated with menstruation or menopause. The essential oil can be effective for alleviating dysmenorrhea and related symptoms.

  • Anti-aging 

Because of its antioxidant capabilities, oregano oil is quite effective at providing the body with protective anti-aging properties. By boosting your body’s immune system, this essential oil works to keep your body healthy and balanced.  

  • Prevents infections

Oregano oil’s anti-bacterial properties are effective for preventing a variety of infections within the body. This includes skin infections as well as infections within the intestinal tract and the colon, colds and the flu.

  • Antimicrobial

Bacteria and water borne microbes can be effectively eliminated within the body by using the essential oil of oregano. The combination of anti-parasitic and antibacterial properties works to essentially kill the microbes before they cause illness.

  • Insect bites

Because of oregano oil’s properties for alleviating allergies and its anti-inflammatory properties, the essential oil can be effective in soothing the itching associated with insect bites. It can also help to alleviate the redness and swelling of bug bites.

  • Anti-parasite

Overseas travel can often lead to parasites. The essential oil of oregano is very effective at killing internal parasites that can cause illness. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties also help to eliminate parasites.

  • Candida

Because of its antiseptic and antifungal properties, oregano oil is effective for eliminating the candidiasis fungus. This essential oil kills the bacteria that can cause Candida, which can develop into infections within the body.  


Oregano Oil and Potential Side Effects

Overall, the majority of essential oils are safe to use with moderation and care. Most people do not experience any side effects when using oregano oil. Some exceptions include those individuals who may have sensitive skin or allergies. In such cases, applying oregano oil could result in mild skin irritation.

A good way to determine if you may have a reaction to oregano oil is to apply a small amount to your skin. Dab a few drops on your wrist or arm to check for possible skin irritation before using it on other parts of your body where the skin may be more sensitive.

Pregnant women or those who are nursing should use care when applying oregano oil. The product should also not be used on young children. If you are currently taking prescription medications or are being treated for a health condition, check with your physician before using oregano oil.

When adding oregano oil to lotions or diluting it in a base solution, follow the provided instructions carefully to avoid overuse. You do not want to apply more than the recommended amount. Too high a dosage could result in side effects and reactions.


How to Choose Essential Oils

Look for a high-grade quality product when shopping for essential oils. The less expensive oregano oils may have other ingredients added that essentially dilute the strength of the product. Quality and purity are top features that are essential, particularly when you consider product recalls during recent years.

Check out consumer reviews for customers who have purchased the essential oil of oregano. Happy customers mean high levels of satisfaction. This should tell you that you found a good company that is a reputable source for buying essential oils now and placing future orders.

Many companies that sell essential oils also carry aromatherapy accessories such as diffusers, lotions, incense, etc. Once you purchase your essential oil of oregano, make sure you store the product in a cool place that is not too close to heat sources to maintain potency levels.

Oregano essential oil blends particularly well with basil,fennel,geranium,lemongrass,rosemary, and thyme essential oils.



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